A few drawings/updated website

I managed do get some drawings in including a preliminary for the Muy Thai fighter fighting the tiger. So without further ado, here they are:

That’s all for now. If you want to check out more of my work go to www.rmac-art.com where I have updated my website with more current work.

Until next time



Beast Mode Series Part 2

What’s going on? 

         It’s been some time since the last post, however I’m still cranking along.

    I’ve finished a couple of more paintings for the Beastmode series and while it’s not necessarily done, I am going to take an intermission from it to work on some other ideas and to interject some variety into the mix. 

     So without further ado, here is the wolf painting finished, along with the lion and the stallion…

Currently I’m working on a painting of a tiger and a Muy Thai fighter going at it in a duel. I’m just doing study sketches of the tiger mostly and then the Muy Thai fighter will follow.  I’ll post my progress on that in my next blog post, so look out for that. 

Take care for now. Stay warm in these cold winter temps!


Black Monk Finished

Its been fucking hectic over here…

       But nonetheless, I managed to finish a piece recently…specifically, the black monk.

Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

 Due to a hectic schedule, I’m gonna keep this one short. Take care for now ☁️👑


Emerging Series Beast Mode and a Black Monk

Greetings ☁️👑

     It’s been a long ass time since blogging. I’ve been so busy between work art and the gym (especially work putting in that overtime!), but rest assured I’ve been working hard on some new concepts and ideas that I would like to share. Also I got my canvas to start painting Untamed so I’m very excited about that


  I had the idea to do paintings of some animals in a similar fashion like they have on ancient warrior’s shields. I put a more realistic spin on the animals. Here’s what I came up with so far:

I’m not sure how many more I will do but I’ll definitely do a couple more. 


I decided to fuck around and do an illustration of a  black monk just because. Bald and dangerous he is with the nunchakus. Watch out! Its not quite dont yet but it is a work in progress. Check it out:

That’s all for now. I will be continuing to put more content out as the months go by. I’m getting ready for a showing Nov 10& 11th so I’m aiming to have more out by then. Take care for now.


Finished Untamed color study and Tiger study

Good morning ☁️👑

This is some of my recent work.  The Untamed study is finished and I also completed a tiger study. Enjoy!


The tiger studies is for an upcoming painting…

       Meanwhile, ill be starting the canvas painting portion of Untamed this weekend. 

     For now, take care and stay tuned for future blog entries!


Next painting : Untamed

Greetings :

Granted this painting is not done yet, I have the underpainting study version done and I’m just working out the colors now…

        I wanted to create a powerful and uninhibited type of work that reflects on what it’s like to not give a fuck of what people think about you or even what society thinks about you.  

So without further Ado, Here is the underpainting for Untamed…

What better way to do it than with stallions, (aka uncastrated horses)? The genitals hanging out on the rearing horse helps drive the point home while the lightning helps reinforce their strength and power with utmost certainty. 
       Next to follow will be the color.  That’s for a different blog post though. It’s time for me to get going. I’ve got to get started on the day.

Take care for now ☁️👑