Being on point

It’s been too much time that’s gone by since visiting this blog last. Due in part to debating and analyzing whether or not what i was to write would be worth anything…but anyway,This winter seems to have been very beneficial to me in regards to getting work done and I am glad at the amount I’m accomplishing. As stated before I’m an artist trying to get his foot in the door. There’s always so much that goes through your head in regards to getting to that place where you can do what you love for a living, but as long as a plan is in place then that’s all that matters.

Speaking of plan, so far im on track with what i expected to get done with my projects… I started designing a logo to represent myself (go me!) and after i write this then it’s back to more work…. Been working on a piece that’s been taking me FOREVER to finish!!!! but, the process thus far has had it’s share of ups and downs, and I am only grateful for being part of it…It’s a digital painting of 3 female angels to be brief… but I’m liking it more and more i work on it…each piece I do is like a different relationship with it. sounds crazy , but it’s an artist thing I guess.

I’m planning to get alot done in the span of 365 days after my birthday. So far this is just the prelude to that, and i will keep the ball rolling.

ok back to work… later



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