Destined for greatness

Last night, I was in an introspective mood  while I was admiring the full moon, and in the middle of seemingly mindless contemplation, it gave me a reassuring metaphor for my dream of success…Doing my art, I’ve always felt that I was destined for greatness… I’ve felt that I would definitely be doing something big with my dream career of being an artist. but especially where I live, there doesn’t seem to be too much that really stimulates me like I’d like…They say that sometimes you gotta go far to find that place where you will find the open doors of opportunity to enter. Looking at that moon last nite gave me that feeling…that something so easily seen but yet is so far away seems to be that focal point for where I would like to be. It obviously comes with the pains and aches of hard work and sweat but the end result is always worth it. Time to go to the next level!


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