The mindstate of production

I find that as an artist, my best sessions are when my mind state isn’t too focused on catering to a specific way of drawing… like, how quick i want to finish the piece in, or being too fixed on making it look a particular style. my session times vary from one hr to 9 hrs a day.. and this is not everyday mind you, but that’s been the range of hrs I’ve put in on work in a given day. Anyway,the number one conduit of an exceptional session  and staying focused is just being in the moment of process without any cares of how much left i have or how i expect it to look, it sounds so technical but despite that its a confirmation to me that even with a deadline, it’s not good to dwell on how long something is going to take. Such habits lead to other hindrances such as procrastination.

there’s always those moments where I get stuck in how i want to finish off a piece, but I’m learning to walk away at that moment and come back later with new found inspiration from other sources. the good thing about staying loyal to the creative process of the piece I’m working on is that towards the end when I know I’m almost done, the process begins to take off on autopilot


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