just… gotta… do… it!

“The pain of discipline weighs ounces while the pain of regret weighs tons”

As an artist, I have those moments where I am at my best, and when I’m at my worst, productivity speaking. Today is one of those days where I’m feeling really lazy…The only thing I can do is recognize this feeling and try to correct it by smart mental conditioning. And I realize I can’t force myself to be in the mood, but I realize that I can be disciplined… and time spent working on something now will make for greater inspiration later. Usually after I do a project especially if it’s a big project, I take a little break to reward myself… The trick for me is getting back in the momentum after the fact, a task I’m trying to master. I compare it to being in the gym when you take a little time off to let your muscles repair and grow. When I used to work out regularly, I would start out light with the weights the first week and then gradually increase the amounts… And this is how I plan to jump back into my artistic swing, which means 1 – 5 minute sketches to get the mental stimulation going again. it definitely works, So that’s what im going to be doing right now as I have to finish this project for a musician friend ASAP!

that’s all for now..


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