Branching out

Branching out in itself in a way is becoming a fabric in my life…Life becomes so involved and complex that I wonder how some people can be stuck in a bubble…I think we as humans are meant to evolve, mentally, spiritually, artistically, whatever…When I went to the gym 5 days a week back in the day, I found that doing the same exercises every time I went it would cause my body to get used to it too quick… but switching up my routine had far greater results… I think it’s the same way with life in general… seeking out new things is a lot more stimulating than doing the same monotonous routine… sometimes, the barrier of complacency is what keeps people from trying new things.. but once the feeling is shaken off it can produce great results.. that’s why I like having influences from multiple styles in art, and that’s why I listen to different types of music.. that’s why I’m going on vacation to DC in a few weeks…change is definitely good.


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