the Sketch and the Alien Nightscape

Good morning, peeps. I’ve Been trying this once a week blogging thing and so far, so good…I won’t be too long-winded so I will tell you that I’ve been working on some stuff. One is a sketch that I did to get some stress of my brain. I like to go to the bookstore sometimes and work on either a concept or a piece. the atmosphere is pretty creative with the endless book access. anyway, here’s a recent sketch I did while I was there..Image

 Also here’s a follow-up to one of my pieces entitled “Out of this world , part II” .. I have the landscape @ night and the cracks in the ground are filled with light from beneath the surface..I was in the mood to get away from the hectic strain of life, and I created it as something to look at and admire from a distance, because even I don’t know what is in that light.. and even if I did, it’s way too bright to look @ up close!!


To see Part I, click on this link ..I hope you enjoy these pictures until next Wednesday


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