Water Manipulation II

Hello, once again.. good news is that within the week I managed to get some more work done. I created a follow up to my water manipulation piece, appropriately entitled Water Manipulation II .

this is water Manipulation I…


If you were able to take a moment to check out my imagekind.com website you saw this in all it’s blue color glory.

well, Here is a much less abstract take on the ability to manipulate water…Image

I went (more )all out with this one, trying to make the water look more menacing, (watch out for those spiked water spheres!!) I also decided to put the kanji for water in the right corner, and the sexy flowered red dress is a bold color to contrast the darker colors…

Aside from trying to get more known in the art scene in Hartford, this is what ive been up. Gotta stay busy to make these dream happen. if you havent checked out my art site yet, the link again is http://rmacart.imagekind.com …also if you have facebook you can check out my art page at http://www.facebook.com/rmacart. that’s all for now, Later! 2012


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