stress + tension = Abstract art

here are a couple of abstract drawings I did over the previous weekend. things have been aggravating to say the least at work and I needed some outlet to release the emotions onto instead of losing my temper. here’s the first one I did on saturday.  entitled  the Key to Relaxation Image

alas I worked sunday too and it was more hellish anguish to be dealt with on the job…And i realize that this is my body telling to its time for a vacation so  I rightfully put in for a week off a few weeks for now. Anyway Here’s what i finished on sunday…Entitled Conflict of interest. Image

while i was working on this, my friend Myra who does photography happened to be in the same book store I went to so we chatted a bit, which was a plus to the after work side of things. Always good to be around people with good Vibes…After I finished this piece, i was back to normal and ready to go again.

    But anyway, I’m thinking about putting these on my site for sale but i havent decided yet. Sorry this didn’t come on a Wednesday like it’s supposed to, but i’m still here.

    One good thing about being at work is when i’m there and start to zone out is when i get some ideas, like i did yesterday.. So i will be posting more blog entries with new art work in it in the near future. SO stay tuned till next time!


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