The Dream Threshold – New artwork

Hello all! hope everyone is good. I apologize for a very lengthy absence, but I’ve been working hard on a new piece to bring to the rest of the world This new piece is called the Dream Threshold, which illustrates the moment between falling asleep and entering a dream state. The Goddess appears in spirit form but rapidly is changing to human form at will scooping up the sleeper to take him to wherever destination he desires. The glowing jade pendant around her neck is what notifies her of a would be dreamer and comes accompanied by 3 blue diamond chest and wing tipped doves. the photo is inserted below. what would you make of this piece??



Overall i am pleased with the quality i brought forth and strive to continue to step up my skill level.. the pool of talent out there can only help me to push myself

You can see more of my work at . If you have facebook you can check out my fb art page @

That’s all for now.. Peace


One thought on “The Dream Threshold – New artwork

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