The origin of the R.Mac Logo…

What is R.Mac all about??

It’s a manifestation of my thoughts in the form of artistic pictures. It’s about putting down my feelings on paper because I have something to say and like everyone, I have emotions. It’s about controlling my fate and my outcome . It’s also about seeing things the way I want to see them. My world, My thoughts, My imagination, expressed in a raw truth that is sometimes pleasing, and other times aggressive to look at.

So where does the logo come in??


The current logo actually was merely just a t-shirt design concept in the beginning.. I referred to the cloud that bore a 7pt. crown simply referred to as “Elevate”… Some metaphysical , bettering yourself type shit on a mental level. I felt it was cool because to me it also was saying you were so far ahead of everyone else in having your shit together and the way you think that nobody could touch you. However, It had been insinuated that it could be associated with the Latin Kings (I think whoever said that was just fucking with me though –  I found out later that Latin Kings have 5 pt. crowns, and there are damn sure no clouds on them either! Good ole’ Google)

Anyway, as I still had this design sitting on the shelf with an intent to use it somehow and some way, I was trying to work out my logo for my type of art… I explored Ideas that played on the dual sided nature of my art, but to no avail.. Everything I was doing ended up looking lame and not fitting at all for who I embodied as an artist.

Then one day as I was working my day job, it occurred to me in an a typical creative person’s “aha!” moment that the Elevate cloud would be a perfect fit for my logo! After toying for a half an hr or so with all of the possible interpretations, I decided that it would be the perfect fit for R.Mac.


The Upgrade by R.Mac

Here’s some interpretations of the Elevated Cloud logo:

– it symbolizes the supreme value of my talent and thoughts that i’m putting on paper, as well as how far and how high I would like to see this vision go.

– It puts me as supreme ruler of my artistic universe through the ideas i develop with the granted authority I have to convey this raw truth that comes so potent through my artistic mediums – aka a Godlike figure

– It also represents absolute free range to explore whatever the hell I like with no inhibitions whatsoever.

– a level of power/ skill/ transcendence that can be reached after proving yourself in various trials and situations. ( I did a piece on that using the logo

– success,  being in high places, and having status

– Keeping yourself mentally high especially if others are trying to pull you back down

cloudswearcrownscolorR.Mac – Endorsed by (my drawing of) Drake.

The great thing about it is that it’s very applicable in many situations. It’s also worth noting that the blue and red jewels in the logo (1st picture) represents the duality that exists in my work. I have stuff that is calming and relaxing, and then there’s the “don’t fuck with me” side to my work 😉

That’s all for now. I’m actually going to do another blog post dealing with the duality in my work. because I don’t want to make this post too long. For now I have more artwork worth checking out at

Peace for now!


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