Consumed by Passion ; Seduced by Wealth

This is a project that I’m working on that explores the relationship between the two entities of passion and wealth. They are 2 opposing forces that still exist within the same plane and yet can be interpreted a number of ways. For instance, they could be motivating reasons for choosing a career, or it could be something much bigger than that. I like to play on duality concepts because the opposites have really strong polarities when it comes to comparisons… Anyway, this is what I’m working with so far with developing this concept…loveormoneynames

I decided to take the approach of using personification represent the two elements of passion (love) and wealth as two distinctly different goddesses.  Tamani represents the passion, and she has a sensually seductive demeanor about her


red hair with flowers paw tattoos and the soft green it helps to add to the whole overall look to something of an intimate nature. A passion for something will help keep your soul burning strong and as such you are further able to take further risks exploring the subject of interest , whether it be a career choice, a lover or something else.

The other goddess Ziva represents the wealth aspect of things, and she has a more assertive, dominant nature..zivainstagram

she has dollar bill flourish decorations all over her. In concordance with her flashy looking nature, she’s wielding a diamond in one hand and a gold bullion in the other… it’s like she knows what kind of influence she has with the power she exudes behind all of her status. Whatever she has, she makes it look desirable to possess  though one may not know what the tradeoff is of pursuing something that expensive…

That’s all for now. The main elements of this project have been introduced, and it will most likely be an ongoing thing. For now, you can check out my work at to see more stuff!

Peace for now

– R.Mac


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