Using Symbolism


R.Mac- raw truth, idealism, & the speculative

One of the elements of my brand of art is using symbolism to reinforce ideas and concepts that i want to develop, say from a previous art piece that I’ve worked on to strengthen its credibility… for the sake of this blog, I’m only going to talk about 3 symbols, (1 of which is my logo) since they are the foundation of the brand.


Intensity fist (raw truth)

this is the side of my work that has the intense,  aggressive and blunt quality to it. that “whoa” factor.Truth hurts… like when you tell that obnoxious relative exactly what you think of them…hence why I Used a fiery fist. Truth be told, it’s not necessarily fire, it could be an energy blast also.  but it’s considered raw truth in the sense of what I’m feeling – sort of like how you may secretly want to put your backstabbing co-worker through a wall – I make that happen on paper, lol …here are a couple of examples:

lookscouldkillcopyright Looks can Kill

warningshot copyWarning Shot       passionsetablaze Passion Set Ablaze**

**The blazing middle finger I would credit as part of the inspiration for the intensity fist symbol.


Elevated Cloud (Idealism) – Official R.mac Logo

In the logo sense, it’s the free creative reign that I have while creating this world from my thoughts .. but also, There’s always some type of desired result/lifestyle or outcome that we all shoot for… dream job, better status and likeability or higher spiritual state, even utopia. but nothing’s perfect, but shooting higher is always something that’s been admired. Think about how you desire to get that house with the white picket fence and the cute little dog. That would also be a form of idealism. Here are some examples…

amendedlegacy Immortality Skull (being remembered for greatness after you die)

mentalbreakthrough copyrightMental Breakthrough

ascendedpantherinstagramPanther in High Places

It’s a reminder to always want to come on top…


Reverie Bird (the speculative)

Speculative as in fantasy art/sci fi / otherworldly appeal. There’s no question that I’m heavily influenced by the comicbook/ fantasy /scifi art. Whether goddesses, hipster lions, or some strange environment, adding that element to my art just makes things much more interesting…I view my imagination traveling like a bird flying high above with an unlimited view of where i desire to go…Think about when you have to solve a complicated problem at work and sometimes you have to think outside the box and speculate on different possibilities.  I basically do that with my art.  here’s a little blurb on that ..


I feel at ease when im able to let my mind “fly” into unfamiliar places, and that’s why there’s blue in the symbol.

here are some examples:

trinityunited copyrightHipster Lion Trinity

tamaniinstagram zivainstagram

Tamani and Ziva , the personifications of passion and wealth in the form of goddesses (probably can be considered idealism too)

voyagecopyright copyTrek into The Unknown

So there you have it,  a symbolism lesson for the main elements that make up R.Mac. Congratulations you made it through!

This post was pretty long, but I felt it was important to make the meanings of  everything clear (Aside from displaying the coolness of the art )

here’s a link to my official website if you’d like to check it out!

Peace for now.



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