The Duality of R.Mac

There are certain elements in my work that make it unique to my brand of art. One of the most prevalent elements in my work is duality… I believe we all have that multifaceted part of our personality that contains some type of of opposite polarity.

For me, It also represents the full scope of life without getting lost in the infinite combinations in between because It makes a stronger impression to focus on just the strongest points.  For those who have seen my work, You have seen stuff that has more of a calming effect, and you have also seen pieces that just scream intensity!

watermanipulation Water Manipulation Iwater_manupulation_IIWater Manipulation II

The Water Manipulation pieces shown here are a perfect example of the duality element in my work. I had taken a concept of a female water bender and created two versions with opposite personalities to it. The first version is more of a nurturing feel as she pours a glass of water to encompass a flower to symbolize life and growth.. The second version is a sultry looking siren who has the power to destroy with her water bending powers  which is apparent by the shape of the water as spiked spheres. Also the dominating color first piece is blue, while the red in the siren’s dress is the dominating color in the second version…

loveormoneynamesTamani and Ziva

you can’t have the sugar without the spice!! These two beauties are the epitome of duality. The goddess of love vs the goddess of wealth and riches. This is a great thing to explore because one goddess with appeal to a specific type of people while, the other will appeal to another type of person – but seeing the unfamiliar side will also open up a new perspective!  I also feel that the duality will keep me from getting boxed into the same type of subject matter.

Well, that’s it about duality. I hope that it was an informative (but not boring) read. For now you can check out my website and also follow me on instagram at @rmac235 for more upcoming projects!

Peace for now!



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