Why My Art Needs a Bad Side

I have been told by some people that my art looks angry.

Fair enough.

But I don’t think my art is angry. I think my art is REAL. You either love that part of it or hate it.

I’d like to think of my art as that person you know that’s fun to be around, but at the same time you don’t want to see them get upset. Yet if youre going to be in their life, you have to take the good with the bad. truth be told, we ALL have that side of us that’s ugly to the world (and yet is considered beautiful to others). My art represents the scope of life and the beautiful and ugly that’s in that scope.


Sometimes when push comes to shove and you’re backed into a corner, you have to turn up the heat and fight back even harder.. especially if you’re trying to get respect, reach a goal, or you’ve just flat out had enough. It’s Human nature.

In theory, I’m about peace. However when i feel I’m being attacked, then I have to fight back, or i have to express something that got on my nerves. as I’m banishing it into oblivion. That negative shit makes it harder to elevate to higher heights.

shut upcolor

What makes you tick? What pushes your buttons?

Also, feel free to check out my art site http://www.rmac-art.com

That’s all for now… Until next time.


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