What exactly is R.Mac??? – The answer to the question ” What type of art do you do??”

Good Morning!

For those that have seen my blog entries for the past few weeks, you know that I’ve been embarking on a Journey to find my voice and to build my art world from the ground up – part of that journey has been to figure out exactly how to describe my art to those who are intrigued enough to know more…

If you asked me, “what type of art do you do?” I would tell you this;

” I do a hybrid version of fantasy art that blends raw truth, Idealism and the speculative aspects of my creative psyche together into a unique mix of visual splendor. The look of R.Mac is a mix of styles such as graffiti art, tattoo art, realism, comic book art and other styles that have inspired me greatly. Furthermore I like to tell my story of humble beginnings and rising to ultra glory using elements such as duality, symbolism, and personification. Conveying this story using different mediums such as canvas, apparel and computer mediums offers different perspectives that reach more people than it would having using only one of these mediums.”

That’s R.Mac in a nutshell…3 years after showing my art to the public I finally have a way of getting my message out without sounding confused and at a loss for words. This is definitely a milestone for me. my website has recently been updated so you feel free to check out more stuff at www.rmac-art.com.

That’s all for now. Until next time.



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