New Painting in progress: Tamani and Ziva

Greetings, I have been pretty busy with production of another piece of art. I am doing a painting of my goddesses Tamani and Ziva; the goddesses of Passion and Wealth R.Mac’s Elevated cloud logo represents (among many other things) the limitless creative mind and where I want to and can go with it. With that said, with this project, I was attempting to show fantasy art in a more graphics style despite the presence of realistic detail. this work still has a long way to go and will incorporate graffiti like influences into the fabric of the work to give it a different feel.. Nevertheless, here’s a compilation of the shots from sketch phase to the current phase of the painting i’ve captured thus far… 10580969_812415555502312_3079978139061651696_o 11193349_819842134759654_1605313033834155686_n10982272_819947941415740_4029953686226435390_n11224124_820449771365557_3982631857662985996_n11259207_820652171345317_8874070618410183244_n11203008_821369741273560_6832465010899899124_n10458838_821470044596863_2892817300573885_n, It’s a pretty safe bet to say that I am pleased with the evolution of this work of art  at this point…the more I am able to render these characters, the better I see them taking on a life of their own which is exactly what I want. The more that happens, the more I will put them in situations that further defines their character. I will most likely post a part 2 of this as I make more moves to finish this up in a timely manner. Until next time, -R.Mac It’s a pretty safe bet that


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