The Reason for R.Mac

Greetings. I hope everyone is well on today:

This may or may not be a lengthy blog post – however it will be
pretty heartfelt and personal.. I had put a blog post about what R.Mac is
after finally nailing down my branding and what I should call the type of art that I do… but
now the more important question which I must also answer is WHY does R.Mac
exist in the first place…

The answer: because it’s in my blood to be creative – ever since I was little…
Yet despite my talents, I felt socially unfulfilled, overlooked and misunderstood. Most “Friends” were always coming and going…It definitely made me feel jaded, cynical and after a certain point, really pent up with anger and frustration… But perhaps it meant my path was to be, for the most part, a loner(which actually became a blessing,)
I did some soul searching when I was in college while not majoring in art to realize that I was
born to be a creative.. and not just as a hobby.  Taking an elective drawing class pretty much sealed the deal.  Having perfect pitch musically and being able to create art prior to should have been a clue…

but they say if you let something go and it comes back to you, then it’s yours.

I still had to deal with people/self doubt after deciding to become an artist and burn the non creative
path choice (eventhough I did graduate)- but I also began to feel that art would be the only career to keep me sane, so I kept going…Those who had nothing to offer but a whack opinion would slowly fade into darkness..
Initially comicbooks was my first choice, but I scraped that and kept that style influence…Thanks to
friends influences, I also began to look at other style influences as well such as realism, Graffiti art, tattoo art, just to name a few. Eventually I started calling my art R.Mac (thanks to my little brother) and eventually began doing art shows. While there was still work to be done, I knew that I was on the right path.

I realize although I was smart, it was difficult to express myself verbally exactly how I wanted to especially when upset…It hyper-extended my admiration for those who were able to do so with ease. When I started putting all of my good and bad thoughts into my artwork,
I wanted my work to be like that person that was cool to be around and attractive – but not one to want to see angry.  combined that Ideal with my vivid imagination, intense emotions and you have the elements of R.Mac – raw truth, idealism & the speculative…Mind you back when I first started I didn’t know how to describe that. Turns out I was a natural at communicating my
feelings through my artwork. I finally found my true expressive platform!

R.Mac represents me getting in touch with and exuding the greatness that I am coming into because I am finally in my perfect element- Elevating my platform with my art, creating a world that I’ve envisioned essentially transforming me (figuratively) into a god – restoring the greatness that I knew I was, but couldn’t touch, into the forefront of my life. It’s like the best type of redemption. Maybe being misunderstood is just a precursor to being great. Ultimately I vision myself amongst the art greats in this world – So while this is all a future prophecy for what I intend to do, It will all come to past.




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