Sketchup -Liquid Sketches in a bottle

Good Evening!

This blog post is about an artistic concept that I came up with.. a play on words, with ketchup,
this is Sketchup. I thought to myself, what if you combined ink, pencil, paint, some drawings that you’ve
done and then add a super secret mysterious ingredient that makes the mediums interact with each other in such
a way that it creates an instant drawing when poured on any type of surface?


Preliminary sketch for SKetchup

Think about it;  You want a tattoo design mocked up, pour some on your arm.
throw some on a wall you have a mural
have a blank shirt? pour some Sketchup on it to create an instant t-shirt design!

These are some of the scenarios I’ve come up with for Sketchup. Granted, I’ve only done a picture of it essentially
introducing it to the world of R.Mac, the idea in itself has a lot of potential.


Sketchup- Final Version

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. In the meantime, check out some more work on my website

Until next time!



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