The Mysterious Blades of the High Skies

Good afternoon!

it’s been a couple of weeks since writing a blog entry, but I’ve been working on some new stuff. This blog post has to do with specific reoccurring element I’ve used in My artwork various times,.. It’s a pair of winged swords that I now refer to as The Mysterious Blades of the High Skies… I also call them The Skybourne Blades, Sworded Wings and Winged Swords.


Artistic origins of these weapons are from a sketch that has long been gone missing. it was during the whole rock star fashion trend that these were born because everything seemed to start having wings on it. For some reason, putting a blade on it just seemed to make sense.. and I love swords… I have named each sword…

The Supreme Aerial


Heaven’s Child


I haven’t invented a legit legendary back story for these blades, but when I do , It will be epic!

here’s some other instances that these Blades have been used:

IMG_20150616_144631 IMG_20150617_195730

Centaur drawing which I’ve made into a t-shirt.. note the blades crossing..


Panther In High Places.

That’s all for now…I can definitely say that these swords will be used again in future pieces…They’re  at a basic level right now, but there’s opportunity for these swords to upgrade…

For now check out for more artwork from me.

Until Next time!



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