Consumed by Passion; Seduced by Wealth – The Ones That Got away

I had posted the question at the end of my previous blog post – Have you ever been romantically interested in someone (or someones) that you wish it worked out with but it didn’t?? I made a piece dedicated to the scenario called The Ones that Got Away. It’s something I’ve had on my mind to work on especially as it relates to certain falling-out scenarios pertaining to romantic interests and potential lovers and the lingering memories plus thoughts of “what if”.

Here are some pics of the work in progress…



The Ones that Got away – Pencil rendering. Honestly it took a while to get the composition that i wanted but when I stopped thinking so hard about it, it just came to me naturally. Go figure



The Ones that Got Away – value study in Photoshop



The Ones that Got Away – Color study in Photoshop



The Ones that Got Away – Painting on Canvas in Progress


I really tried to capture the emotion of the man sitting on the bench looking at the feathers – which belongs to the angels flying away in the background. They represent the man’s past romantic and love interests that didn’t work out. As you can see, its is because of his loss that he is in quite a funk! Tamani, the goddess of love/passion is on looking at him with a look of sympathy on her face as if she wants to go over and give him a hug. That would definitely be a good idea because her hugs can heal broken hearts.

That’s all for now. Next blog post I will post the final version of the piece. I have updated my website with content from the current series. You can check it out at 

Until next time!





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