Tamani study (again) and other thoughts relating to this series…

Greetings ☁👑

       So I’ve decided to take this week off from work to concentrate on getting back into my creative flow..and to concentrate on more important matters such as working on my storefront…plus it’s my birthday today, and I’d rather be here blogging about my art than getting caught up at work doing menial work tasks.

     I managed to buy a canvas for the Z-Note painting, plus i completed this study of Tamani, the goddess of love & passion:


Tamani in her love goddess element. Rose petals butterflies and sexy

So far I like how things are progressing,  but I’ve had to wrestle with doubts about the Consumed by Passion; Seduced by Wealth series last week. I really began to wonder if what I was doing was a waste of time.

      After reevaluating and approaching my creative plight with a renewed mind , I concluded that I was merely having feelings similar to working on a painting and had reached the “ugly phase”. As an artist, it is extremely crucial to push past those lothing feelings of your work and complete the damn thing so that you can 1. Be taken seriously as a professional artist and 2. See that the vision you had for such a piece of work was actually as beautiful as you had inagined (and in some cases even more beautiful)…

      To make a long story short, I’m going to continue and complete the series, so that I can establish this body of work as something i can truly say was monumental (even if other people may not think so. Fuck those people).

      Furthermore, the way the series is unfolding, the pieces that involve Tamani, love/passion goddess usually seem to deal with my thoughts, feelings, and emotions…inner substance and bulk if you will (i.e. The Ones thst got Away). 

    The pieces with Ziva, the wealth goddess seem to have more of a surface-like appeal, almost like a album single/ or radio friendly song. Things  like Zivasace and the currently in progress Z-Note)…

At the core it’s dialogue with my inner self about the need to express myself fully while at the same time getting paid to do this for the rest of my life. The truth is that the way you want to express yourself doesnt always get the adequate engagement from enough people, but at the same time, creating stuff that people like (but not you) isn’t always artistically fulfilling as you can feel like your soul is being starved if you go too long without get your feelings out on canvas.

    Obviously, this isn’t the case with every artist…i just feel that with this series it resolves to further cement that these two elements, (goddesses) shouldn’t be at war with each other.  Rather they should work together because that will give the best and most effective overall delivery.

Only time will tell…

Ok, I’m done with this post. Pretty long-winded for the usual but it was a necessity to address certain artistic things…because even though I create, it’s still a journey to get the vision out. Its all totally worth it though!

Time for birthday stuff… More artwork to check out on www.rmac-art.com. !

Take care for now. ☁👑


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