Feelin’ like a Million Bucks (Z-Note Completed)


A million bucks in your wallet would sound real nice right now wouldn’t it? I know I wouldn’t mind it myself… but if I can’t have it for now, then it I can just paint it!

    If it’s still unclear what I am talking about, a while back I had posted a blog entry of a painting of a 1 million dollar bill that I conceptualized.  At the time
it was still a work in progress, but now (and actually quite some time ago), I have completed it. Here’s a shot of the final version:


To recap, the piece is called Z-Note after the wealth goddess I created named Ziva (think of that lady on NCIS). Complete with the Intertwined-Dollar Sign-Heart Symbol, elevated cloud logo, slogan and other important elements.  Goddess Ziva looks so lovely on the front of the bill doesn’t she?

As far as the significance of this painting is concerned, this represents the side of me that wants to make money off of art. Painting a one million dollar bill definitely drives that point home. Plus I realize things like these are  possible to achieve… I just need to keep working at it and say fuck all of the doubt.

All of the insignia on the bill is a reference to doing things in the biggest way all on your terms because you didn’t listen to your negative minded society. I think we all have greatness within us, it just has to be nurtured and then mastered.

        That’s all for this blog entry…I’m currently working on another painting of the intertwined dollar sign heart symbol representing the current series I’m working on. Stay tuned!
– R.Mac


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