Pre-painting Studies for next painting; Personality Clash

Greetings :

      With these election debates going on, there’s a lot of conflict revolving around who to  vote for and the chaos that goes with it…

        Well, there’s some conflict going on over here as well.

        You see, the 2 goddesses I’ve been creating for a long time, aren’t on the best of terms right now.   They literally want to rip each other apart. And feed each other to the wolves.

            What I’m trying to say, is that the next painting I’m going to be working on is goddesses Tamani and Ziva are going to be fighting each other!

           What would a painting like this symbolize? For me it symbolises the tense moments I’ve dealt with of making the series. Such as, trying to get my concepts down correctly on paper, getting things done in a timely manner or even the expectation amount of sales I would like to obtain… but I digress..

          This post is about studies I did of the characters in what outfits they would wear in the painting. I figured it would be cool to change things up a bit especially when it’s a totally different situation at the time… Anyway,  here are the two goddesses  in different attire.

Tamani is still in a dress, and looking as alluring as ever…but with her graceful like movements,  it’s easy for her to move around in when she’s fighting… However, with Ziva’s natural edgy attitude , it’s only right that I put her in all black leather pants and a leather jacket with diamonds embedded in strategic parts of the leather jacket & boots…as you can see she’s still all coture even when she’s kicking ass lol.

The next step is to work out the composition of the two of them fighting and then draw it up on canvas.  I will post such when I get to that step. 

   Take care for now and I will see you next time ☁👑



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