When Goddesses Clash…


        I’ve been pretty hard at work cranking out this study for my next painting so that I can begin imagining the process with a paintbrush as I lay it on the canvas….

    In the last post I highlighted that in my series “Consumed by Passion; Seduced by Wealth” I would be creating a painting that shows the entities of Love and Wealth personified as goddesses (named Tamani and Ziva)  fighting each other.

   It seems like everyone is fighting with everyone these days. Perhaps that was part of the inspiration for this painting…but I digress…

This painting idea I’m conceptualizing also has to do with my frustrations I’ve felt with this series, creating art, and attempting to live off of my art, which is not fully a reality yet. It also ties back into the original idea behind the conception of the series itself. 

       So without further ado, here is the study for the painting that I’ve officially decided to title “Clash of the Divines”

A side note, I did a painting of a red flame blue flame that I posted in this blog entry that match the flames coming from Tamani’s kick and Ziva’s punch. Was it another element to the duality nature of the two goddesses? Perhaps.  I painted the flames long ago so perhaps subconsciously it made sense to me to structure their power auras that way when it came time for fleshing out the idea of this piece.

        I think that’s all for now with this blog entry which I hope you thoroughly enjoyed. Bedtime for me; early workday tomorrow. 

Take care for now β˜πŸ‘‘




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