You Can’t Change your Past…

…But you can avenge it.

       This is an idea that I’ve pondered for a long time. 

When you have regrets/bitterness about chances you never took, people who fucked you over or respect you never got, you eventually get to a place where you get fucking pissed off enough about it that you say ‘Enough is enough!’ Destroy all roadblocks in your way .and go get what you fucking want.

     It’s a thing i see in life a lot of times that people just stop fighting for their happiness and walk away from creating a world that they would like to live in. I tell myself that I will not have that fate.

 So the nature of this piece is just that. To shake off past defeats and reawaken the inner inferno that was filled with life , purpose and direction.

 The knife represents the tools youre armed with to navigate this complex world while the blood on the knife represents the challenges and the battles of life. Lately, I’ve been trying to look at conflicts in life as nothing more than tests to see where your “armor” has weaknesses in them and it’s definitely helped a lot in my own life.

       That’s all for now. I have one more piece I have to finish before my show on Saturday. I am confident I will get it done.

Until next time,



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