Rose Petals and Crystals

Good Morning ☁️👑

         It’s another day that has begun and what better thing to do than blog a new art entry? So here we go.

         Recently, I finished a commission for a friend and I just wanted to post it here for your viewing pleasure. This has nothing to do with the current body of work I am focusing on, but it does scream of contrasts and duality which is what is usually prevalent in my work anyway. 

I unfortunately havent seen my friend yet so i still have the piece. Since this piece, I’ve sworn off commissions for a while, so that I can concentrate on my current body of work. 

        As I’ve said in the previous post, I’m working on a painting of 2 stallions. Currently it’s in the color study phase , so its safe to say it’s moving along. I’m going to get moving as well and start my day. Take care for now!



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