War Times

I’ve meant to post this for a while…

 This is the final version of the Roman helmet study I posted a while back, re rendered on a 16x 20 canvas. I’ve since renamed this piece. Here is the final result:

It looks pretty badass I think. This is the direction I’m going in with my work…a more agressive, masculine energy oriented style of expression. It is reflective as my journey of trying to improve and develop myself as a man, and as such my art will reflect that. Its like a warrior’s quest with all of it’s highs and lows.

      Currently, I am working on a painting of 2 stallions and I will post that when I get far enough to a point that I feel it is worth posting.  Take care for now β˜οΈπŸ‘‘



You Can’t Change your Past…

…But you can avenge it.

       This is an idea that I’ve pondered for a long time. 

When you have regrets/bitterness about chances you never took, people who fucked you over or respect you never got, you eventually get to a place where you get fucking pissed off enough about it that you say ‘Enough is enough!’ Destroy all roadblocks in your way .and go get what you fucking want.

     It’s a thing i see in life a lot of times that people just stop fighting for their happiness and walk away from creating a world that they would like to live in. I tell myself that I will not have that fate.

 So the nature of this piece is just that. To shake off past defeats and reawaken the inner inferno that was filled with life , purpose and direction.

 The knife represents the tools youre armed with to navigate this complex world while the blood on the knife represents the challenges and the battles of life. Lately, I’ve been trying to look at conflicts in life as nothing more than tests to see where your “armor” has weaknesses in them and it’s definitely helped a lot in my own life.

       That’s all for now. I have one more piece I have to finish before my show on Saturday. I am confident I will get it done.

Until next time,


Leonard P. Zakim bridge commission

What’s going on ?

       Im back again for another creative work update… I was recently commissioned by a coworker to do a painting of the Leonard P. Zakim bridge in Massachussetts…but with some of my R.Mac touch to it. You’ll see what I mean soon. 

   This co worker is actually from Somerville, Mass and also wanted some mention of his hometown in the painting. He also wanted some of the cosmic nebula type atmosphere as well… after some planning conceptualizing, color studying and finalization, this is what emerged from my brain’s gray matter:

So that is what came about of the commission(which he absolutely loved very much). Thanks in advance for taking the time to check out my blog. I have a few ideas that I’m working on now so I will be posting in the near future.

Take care for now,


Some studies I’ve recently done…


        and Happy Thanksgiving! Its been quite busy for me…working on my art and at my day job, mind you. 

         because I haven’t posted lately, I’ve decided to post a few fantasy art related pen studies that I’ve done in my writing journal to take a time out from posting about the series. but rest assured the current piece I’m working on, Clash of the Divines,  is starting to take decent shape. I will post shots of that next week. 

Anyway, here are the studies I’ve done recently… a horse study, a tattooed stallion, and a temple…

Stallion with tribal tattoo


Horse study


  That’s all for now. I’m going to get some things done before i go enjoy Thanksgiving with my family. hope you all have a great holiday!

 Until next timeβ˜πŸ‘‘


When Goddesses Clash…


        I’ve been pretty hard at work cranking out this study for my next painting so that I can begin imagining the process with a paintbrush as I lay it on the canvas….

    In the last post I highlighted that in my series “Consumed by Passion; Seduced by Wealth” I would be creating a painting that shows the entities of Love and Wealth personified as goddesses (named Tamani and Ziva)  fighting each other.

   It seems like everyone is fighting with everyone these days. Perhaps that was part of the inspiration for this painting…but I digress…

This painting idea I’m conceptualizing also has to do with my frustrations I’ve felt with this series, creating art, and attempting to live off of my art, which is not fully a reality yet. It also ties back into the original idea behind the conception of the series itself. 

       So without further ado, here is the study for the painting that I’ve officially decided to title “Clash of the Divines”

A side note, I did a painting of a red flame blue flame that I posted in this blog entry that match the flames coming from Tamani’s kick and Ziva’s punch. Was it another element to the duality nature of the two goddesses? Perhaps.  I painted the flames long ago so perhaps subconsciously it made sense to me to structure their power auras that way when it came time for fleshing out the idea of this piece.

        I think that’s all for now with this blog entry which I hope you thoroughly enjoyed. Bedtime for me; early workday tomorrow. 

Take care for now β˜πŸ‘‘



Pre-painting Studies for next painting; Personality Clash

Greetings :

      With these election debates going on, there’s a lot of conflict revolving around who to  vote for and the chaos that goes with it…

        Well, there’s some conflict going on over here as well.

        You see, the 2 goddesses I’ve been creating for a long time, aren’t on the best of terms right now.   They literally want to rip each other apart. And feed each other to the wolves.

            What I’m trying to say, is that the next painting I’m going to be working on is goddesses Tamani and Ziva are going to be fighting each other!

           What would a painting like this symbolize? For me it symbolises the tense moments I’ve dealt with of making the series. Such as, trying to get my concepts down correctly on paper, getting things done in a timely manner or even the expectation amount of sales I would like to obtain… but I digress..

          This post is about studies I did of the characters in what outfits they would wear in the painting. I figured it would be cool to change things up a bit especially when it’s a totally different situation at the time… Anyway,  here are the two goddesses  in different attire.

Tamani is still in a dress, and looking as alluring as ever…but with her graceful like movements,  it’s easy for her to move around in when she’s fighting… However, with Ziva’s natural edgy attitude , it’s only right that I put her in all black leather pants and a leather jacket with diamonds embedded in strategic parts of the leather jacket & boots…as you can see she’s still all coture even when she’s kicking ass lol.

The next step is to work out the composition of the two of them fighting and then draw it up on canvas.  I will post such when I get to that step. 

   Take care for now and I will see you next time β˜πŸ‘‘