Spread your Love (completed)

Good afternoon:

I just wanted to share a recent piece that I have completed entitled Spread your Love This is another installment in the Consumed by Passion, Seduced by Wealth series. I had put up a progress shot of it a while back along with another picture (which unfortunately my computer wiped out without a good fucking reason). Although the picture came out good, I still have my critiques about it which is normal for when you’re trying to improve.

So without further ado, here’s the final version of Spread your Lovespreadyourlovecolor


It almost looks kind of like it has a “patriotic afterthought” to it due to the red, white and blue present in the pic… That wasn’t my intent at all. Actually, I try to just balance color schemes intuitively in a way that just makes the most sense… I think it came out pretty decent overall.

I’m going to end this here, but stay tuned for more updates in the future! I actually started over the piece that got wiped out by my computer. I’ll post a decent picture either as a progress shot or when it’s completely finished. Stay tuned!


Spread Your love side by side


Before I went to bed I just wanted to show 2 drawings I recently did…

Spread Your Love- Tamani takes on a more cupid like form

This is a more pin up style drawing of the two goddesses Tamani and Ziva. I started adding color to this one

I have 2 upcoming paintings in the works aside from these pinup drawings that I’ve posted here…and things will get a bit more real as I try to work out the frustrations I’ve felt while working with this series through my art. None the less it will be pretty exciting as well. I don’t want to say too much though so I’m just going to end it here for now.

    Take care until next time.


    The Look of Royalty

    Here’s a painting of the combined dollar sign/heart symbol which I appropriately titled Emblem because It has that dynasty /royal family look to it. 

    I want to cultivate an empire-like look in my work that doesn’t necessarily have to be “in your face” all the time, but that makes you feel like you’re part of a great civilization…that also has the supernatural overtones (which to me is a necessity in fantasy art). That goes in line with the concept of being so elevated you’re amongst gods.

      It won’t be overnight, but I have faith in my abilities…

      I’ll have some more new work to post in the future when I am finished developing my ideas. 

      Stay elevated for now. Until next time ☁👑

      Feelin’ like a Million Bucks (Z-Note Completed)


      A million bucks in your wallet would sound real nice right now wouldn’t it? I know I wouldn’t mind it myself… but if I can’t have it for now, then it I can just paint it!

          If it’s still unclear what I am talking about, a while back I had posted a blog entry of a painting of a 1 million dollar bill that I conceptualized.  At the time
      it was still a work in progress, but now (and actually quite some time ago), I have completed it. Here’s a shot of the final version:


      To recap, the piece is called Z-Note after the wealth goddess I created named Ziva (think of that lady on NCIS). Complete with the Intertwined-Dollar Sign-Heart Symbol, elevated cloud logo, slogan and other important elements.  Goddess Ziva looks so lovely on the front of the bill doesn’t she?

      As far as the significance of this painting is concerned, this represents the side of me that wants to make money off of art. Painting a one million dollar bill definitely drives that point home. Plus I realize things like these are  possible to achieve… I just need to keep working at it and say fuck all of the doubt.

      All of the insignia on the bill is a reference to doing things in the biggest way all on your terms because you didn’t listen to your negative minded society. I think we all have greatness within us, it just has to be nurtured and then mastered.

              That’s all for this blog entry…I’m currently working on another painting of the intertwined dollar sign heart symbol representing the current series I’m working on. Stay tuned!
      – R.Mac

      Tamani study (again) and other thoughts relating to this series…

      Greetings ☁👑

             So I’ve decided to take this week off from work to concentrate on getting back into my creative flow..and to concentrate on more important matters such as working on my storefront…plus it’s my birthday today, and I’d rather be here blogging about my art than getting caught up at work doing menial work tasks.

           I managed to buy a canvas for the Z-Note painting, plus i completed this study of Tamani, the goddess of love & passion:


      Tamani in her love goddess element. Rose petals butterflies and sexy

      So far I like how things are progressing,  but I’ve had to wrestle with doubts about the Consumed by Passion; Seduced by Wealth series last week. I really began to wonder if what I was doing was a waste of time.

            After reevaluating and approaching my creative plight with a renewed mind , I concluded that I was merely having feelings similar to working on a painting and had reached the “ugly phase”. As an artist, it is extremely crucial to push past those lothing feelings of your work and complete the damn thing so that you can 1. Be taken seriously as a professional artist and 2. See that the vision you had for such a piece of work was actually as beautiful as you had inagined (and in some cases even more beautiful)…

            To make a long story short, I’m going to continue and complete the series, so that I can establish this body of work as something i can truly say was monumental (even if other people may not think so. Fuck those people).

            Furthermore, the way the series is unfolding, the pieces that involve Tamani, love/passion goddess usually seem to deal with my thoughts, feelings, and emotions…inner substance and bulk if you will (i.e. The Ones thst got Away). 

          The pieces with Ziva, the wealth goddess seem to have more of a surface-like appeal, almost like a album single/ or radio friendly song. Things  like Zivasace and the currently in progress Z-Note)…

      At the core it’s dialogue with my inner self about the need to express myself fully while at the same time getting paid to do this for the rest of my life. The truth is that the way you want to express yourself doesnt always get the adequate engagement from enough people, but at the same time, creating stuff that people like (but not you) isn’t always artistically fulfilling as you can feel like your soul is being starved if you go too long without get your feelings out on canvas.

          Obviously, this isn’t the case with every artist…i just feel that with this series it resolves to further cement that these two elements, (goddesses) shouldn’t be at war with each other.  Rather they should work together because that will give the best and most effective overall delivery.

      Only time will tell…

      Ok, I’m done with this post. Pretty long-winded for the usual but it was a necessity to address certain artistic things…because even though I create, it’s still a journey to get the vision out. Its all totally worth it though!

      Time for birthday stuff… More artwork to check out on www.rmac-art.com. !

      Take care for now. ☁👑

      What if Your Face was on a Dollar Bill?


             I am back once again for another blog post about the R.Mac world. This time it’s a new project in the works called Z- Note.

         Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your face was on a piece of currency?  Well, seeing how Ziva is the goddess of wealth, I decided to give her a very generous spot on a piece of currency worth one million dollars. Though I can say with unwavering certainty that she’s worth more than that.

      When I first conceptualized the idea, I had it in my head for her to be on a US dollar bill, but for what I do, I thought that wasn’t original enough…

      SO I decided to make up my own version:


      Pretty straight forward. I added R.Mac imagery such as the intertwined dollar sign-heart-symbol(representing the series) and the elevated cloud along with the slogan “So elevated we’re amongst gods.” I’m thinking that I will possibly make some changes and modifications in the final painted version. Eyes sans pupils again because she is a goddess.

      That’s all for now. Look out for the blog entry for the final painted version!

      In the meantime, check out www.rmac-art.com for other cool artwork.

      Until next time!

      The Ones that Got Away – Final Painting

      It has been some time since  I last posted about my piece in progress The Ones that got away… but I’m glad to say that it’s now finished and here’s the end result:


      The Ones that Got Away - 18"x24" acrylic on canvas

      I actually decided to add a bottle of hard liquor into the painting to give it more feeling. I feel like it also helped with the composition.

      That’s all for now. There’s more content in the Consuned by Passion; Seduced by Wealth series on my website www.rmac-art.com  .  Just click on the intertwined Dollar Sign Heart symbol on the main page and it will take you there!

      Take care for now 👑☁